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The magician takes out a big and a small two Rubik's cubes, the small one to the audience, and the big one to himself. Both of them disrupt the Rubik's cube at the same time, and the color blocks on each side of both Rubik's cubes are arranged in the same way. And then the next moment, the small Rubik's cube in the hand of the audience will be restored in an instant.

The above paragraph describes a very classic Rubik's cube magic process. However, the magician Long Long has made this process more magical, cleaner and simpler.

In cooperation with Bacon Magic, magician Long Long presents a truly "clever" Rubik's Cube prop: Twin Cube.

The basic effect of Twin Cube is just as described at the beginning of this article. However, unlike the classical process, Twin Cube has the following two features:

  • Everything you need to use to perform is laid out from the start, so you don't have to hide anything.
  • At the end of the process, there is a magic effect that instantly restores the small Rubik's cube, which can happen in the hand of the audience. And a lot of actual performances prove that the audience can barely detect your moves and will be shocked by this effect.

The prop contains a big Rubik's cube with a nice dual mechanism structure. And even though the cube is equipped with such a complex mechanism, it can still rotate in front of the audience without any abnormality.

Each set of Twin Cube is hand-polished and debugged by Erlich Zhang, the chief manager of Bacon Lab, with very fine workmanship. We believe that once you see Twin Cube, you will send out heartfelt admiration.

Author's words:

Hello everyone, I'm Long Long. Today, I will talk about my Rubik's Cube magic prop Twin Cube. The idea for this item has been around for years, and I've experimented with it several times over the years, and now Twin Cube is the most mature version.

So let's talk about the process of creating this Rubik's cube prop. Many magicians have their own processes on the Magic of the Rubik's cube, for example: Takamitsu Usui, Michael LAM, Harry G, Henry Harrius, Vincent Kuo and Steven Brundage. They all have a very complete Rubik's cube magic process, and the ideas of these magicians on the Rubik's cube also give me a lot of inspiration in creation.

I first saw the magic effect of the Rubik's cube is instantaneous reduction of the Rubik's cube, which is showed by Lu Chen in his magic program "Magic Star Shine". At that time I was just starting to learn magic, and it was amazing to me! I love this effect very much, and of course I learned some Rubik's cube tricks, and I've been playing them. Then in some free time, I wondered if I could do my own Rubik's cube magic. Having this idea, I wanted to put it into practice, but it didn't work well for several times. Until I told Alan Y and Erlich Zhang about this idea, they finally helped me make a perfect sample. I used it until today.

I'm excited to share Twin Cube with you, and you will make Twin Cube even stronger! Thanks again to all the friends who contributed to this prop. Thank you.
- Long Long


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