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The history of EMATISM (Quantum self Trance Formation).

Look at the rumors growing at the nusantara. How many other cultures have come to appreciate the fact that I'm outside. Many have learned many things in the nusantara.
If it's in the question of self-empowerment, there are a lot of nem les that actually really need to be appreciated. Take this emat/ematism.. Compared to NLP science, where the N.L.P. model is rotten. Ematism is more than just a statistical model. But I couldn't help but think of innovation and the ematism revolution, one of which I had studied NLP, and became more and more aware that ematism is more than modeling modeling
We have heard so much about how our ancestors were so remarkable and of course haven't existed in ancient times.
Believe me when one has learned nusantara's wisdom and then studying NLP one would say :" it's the science of my ancestors."
An example in NLP there is a submodality editing science to help a person escape from helplessness due to phobias
"Submodality editing" these tools are already heavily used by our elders
It was known in ancient times to borrow a person's kung fu or from a particular school, so that the ematism could master kung fu, which he had not learned in person.
Ematism the origin of the ngemate which is understood by language is that there is little to learn about, for it is not so relinged to present - day development that highlights more brain power than sustained muscle
Ematism is rarely studied by one before, for to master it requires certain rituals that many consider to be associated with heresy or other entities
Now, as ematism is studied with applied psychology and quantum physics, the structure of this structure and the logic of how ematism can be easily achieved And certainly can be studied by anyone on the faculty.

Thanks to my inspiring figure, kang FADLI NUR HAQ and I was finally able to make this scientist get to demonstrate the art of mentalism.

You can model the person the viewer thinks of. This method I ranged into an easy thing to do. Learn and understand, and then there can be anytime, anywhere.

No pre-show
No peeking
No assistant
No stooges

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