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This project was designed to be fun to practice and learn! The effects look just like they did on camera. The move happens so fast, the human eye can't keep up.
You can perform these for your social media platform on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Zoom/Web Shows, Twitch, Discord, whatever! They can be performed quick and are perfect for short viral magic videos! Some of these effects are better for this in fact. However, for them to be useful, they need to be able to be performed in person as well.
With that said, everything you saw can in fact, be done with a participant's hand. They can be involved with every effect if you wish. Some of these effects require a little bit of set up, but others are almost instantly set up. You can routine them, tell a story, or pick and choose which ones you like the most and place them in your act!
There is so much jam packed in this that it would be too long to list everything here. But here are some of the things taught in this project:
Wormhole - A band jumps from one hand to the other in an instant.
Whitehole - A band jumps from one hand in one instant, and then jumps back in another.
Neutron Star - A rubber band disappears from your hand and appears on your participant's hand from the side.
Singularity - The band jumps from your hand to the participant's hand, and then disappears.
Blazar - A rubber band jumps from one set of fingers to another while having whole hand open.
Blackhole - A band (or two) jumps from your hand to where you touch your thumbs together.
Shooting Star - A band vanishes into thin air.
Muon - Show an empty hand, then out of nowhere, a rubber band appears.
Parallel Universe - A rubber band starts in one hand, and then it switches to the other hand when a participant least expects it.
Supernova - A band around your hand starts as one color but in an instant, it changes color.
Ablation - A rubber band is around your hand and then instantly, a participant's finger is stuck in a rubber band finger trap or as a finger ring.
Step Ladder - A rubber band jumps from one person's hand, to your hand, to a third person's hand.
Antimatter - An empty hand has a rubber band come out of nowhere and then disappears.
Cyclothymia - A band starts around your hand, jumps to a participant's hand, then jumps to your other hand, then jumps to your other arm or hand.
Plus, another list of ideas as long as this one, psychology behind magic, a trailer breakdown, and much much more.

Author Note: "You can do everything you saw in this trailer as shown impromptu. Just some effects are harder than others. If you are a complete beginner, you should be able to do 75% of the effects shown, but even then, with practice, I have no doubt you will be able to pull off even the toughest of effects presented. Have fun!"- Brad the Wizard


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