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A prediction is placed on the table, never to be touched again by the performer. After trusting their own intuition, the spectator is able to discern the identity of the predicted card.
Equivoque, you say? Well, think again.

"I'm too respectful to say that I told Taha to **** off when I turned over that card, that day, in that bar. But I meant every word of it. The - intentionally - hesitant delivery (although being a staple ruse of mine) definitely fooled me, making me oblivious to the wealth of subtleties he and his devious Israeli doppelgänger crafted and streamlined. I didn't only bite, I also swallowed that big hook carefully hidden in this beautiful presentation. I am genuinely impressed. I won't say that Taha and Ori are great, or very clever. No. I'll give them my highest accolade: I'll say they're subtle"- Phedon Bilek.

"An Israeli and a Lebanese guy start a Zoom call..."
Yes, it might sound like a start of a joke. For us, it was the start of a beautiful journey.
Welcome to One2Match - a fresh take on the 'Mystery Card' plot.
In this project, we will teach you what has become one of our go-to routines. Over an hour of detailed explanations, covering every corner and aspect to help you with performing this piece as well.
And if that isn't enough, supporting a project produced by an Israeli and a Lebanese guy promotes world peace, or something...

"One 2 Match ticks all the boxes for me. It is both simple and direct in performance' puts the participant firmly in the limelight and this is all supported by a highly devious blend of methodologies. What's not to love!!!"- Michael Murray

"Taha and Ori have created something special here. I always get excited when people find new ways to apply old principles. It's a fun, impromptu routine that will convince even the hardest of skeptics you can influence their thoughts."- Peter Turner

"One 2 Match is such a clever combination of mentalism and psychology guaranteeing a killer ending, that will ALWAYS work"- Paul Brook

"10 out of 10. This is my new go-to routine. It's great, definitely recommended"- Alex Alejandro

"These guys came up with a brilliant EDC routine. You can perform this almost propless miracle with any deck of cards. Good job!!!"- Perseus Arkomanis

"Taha and Ori have done a great job in devising and combining various principles and subtleties to create 'One 2 Match'. I had the privilege of seeing the effect early on when Taha kindly performed it for me. It's a direct and engaging routine with a hard-hitting reveal. Everything appears absolutely fair, especially since the participant seemingly thinks of the information in their mind. As a fan of these kind of effects, 'One 2 Match' is something I look forward to learning and adding to my bank of close-up mentalism routines. I'm sure many others will feel the same. Great stuff!"- Ross Bartels

Q - "Will it forever transform my way of thinking about mentalism, or life in general?"
A - The project? Probably not. But Taha's hair might.
On a more serious note, our goal with this effect was to take the spectator on a journey to discover their own intuition, rather than them seeing another trick - and it was with that mindset that we headed down this road.
In this effect, your participant won't leave trying to figure out the method, but they will be intrigued about the connection you both created and feel like they discovered something new about themselves.
We are positive that you will highly appreciate the small, intricate subtleties we sparkled along the way. For us, it's the small stuff that matter.

Q - "What exactly is taught in this project?"
A - The best answer for this will be a list of all the chapters provided:
1. "Full Performances"
2. "Introduction"
3. "What is a Good Reaction?"
4. "The Pottery Force"
5. "Handling the Value"
6. "Putting it all together"
7. "Bonus Section"

Q - "How does the effect play out?"
A - The spectator is asked to read the performer's mind, by trusting their own healthy instincts. In order to make things easier, the piece of information is a simple one - a playing card. From a deck of cards, the performer places the prediction on the table, never to be touched again. Following that, the spectator divines the card step by step, turns over the prediction to find out they were correct.

We bet that the question to follow just popped in your mind...

Don't you worry, we have this covered as well!

Q - "What makes this version of 'Mystery Card' different than all the rest?"
A - Well, the answer for this is two-fold.
One, there are the methodological benefits:
- No gimmicks are used, it can be any deck, even a borrowed one
- No sleights are required, at any point
- No equivocation
- No need to perform any kind of switch
- Once the prediction is on the table, it is never touched again by the performer
The other benefit, is a presentational one:
The routine has a very nice, unique flow to it. The connections between parts, methods and presentation feel natural.

Q - "Is a Gummy Bear more of a bear or more of a gum?"
A - Unlike "What is a good reaction?", answering this is biting off more than we can chew.

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