Runic by Liam Montier and Kaymar Magic – Trick


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Runic is a new idea for a classic principle, and is one of the cleanest prediction effects you can imagine.

You bring out a handful of gorgeous wooden Runestones, each with a different symbol on, and a prediction which you set aside.

The spectator then takes the runes, and shakes them between their hands, and spills them out to the table. Any that fall face down are removed, and the face up ones are gathered and shaken again.

This is all repeated, without the magician touching ANYTHING, until just one Rune Stone is left.

Astonishingly, it matches your prediction!

And now, with Liam's new handling, you can instantly repeat the effect with a different result for another spectator. Perfect for when someone says 'show my friend!'

  • Self-Working
  • Gorgeous Props
  • Engaging Presentation
  • Repeatable
  • Handmade

Please note that the Rune Stones are handmade from wood, so they will have different colours, shades and grains.

Package includes the gorgeous, handmade wooden rune stones, cloth bag and full video instructions.


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