PHANTOM MEDALION by Mark Strivings – Trick



An intimate communication from the spirits... completely at home in a séance or any small to medium bizarre performance.

The effect is simple. A coin is used. This can be "any" coin. It can be borrowed and marked for identification if you wish.

The coin is placed into a small translucent plastic jar and sealed with a screw top lid.

The small jar is pictured here. It measures 2" tall with the lid in place and the opening of the jar is 1 7/8" across, so it will hold virtually any coin.

Once the marked coin is in the sealed jar the whole arrangement is covered with a cloth (supply your own) to provide the appropriate darkness for the spirits. This is left on the table with no one near it.

After a few moments the coin can be heard to be tapping and rapping inside the sealed jar.

Once the spirits have had their say, the jar is opened and the coin is returned. Everything can be fully examined.

My friends, this effect is literally 100 years old, but no one has ever seen... or heard it... before. I have found the perfect set of props to make this incredible spirit effect wholly practical for the first time ever.

It is my immense pleasure to introduce you to... The Phantom Medallion by Mark Strivings

This amazing spirit effect can be worked with any flat metal object. An actual medallion, a car key, an old exotic coin - can be made to be the medium for the spirits to speak.

This incredible prop can be used in the exact fashion of any of its spirit cousins - the spirit bell, the rapping hand, the haunted skull. You can have spirit conversations, have the spirits answer questions, or simply confirm their presence.

I know you have questions and things you are wondering about. Here are a few things to ponder.

The rapping of the coin is 100% under your control at all times.

There are no magnets used in this effect. The object in the chamber does not have to be ferrous.

There are no electronics used in this effect. No batteries to run out!

The coin can be genuinely borrowed and is the coin that is in the chamber. There are no switches.

The performer does not have to place the coin in the chamber. In fact the spectator can do literally everything - offer a coin, place it into the chamber, screw the lid on tight, cover it all with a cloth. The spirits will speak. Likewise when everything is done the spectator can reverse everything - they remove the cloth, they unscrew the lid and remove their coin. Everything is 100% examinable.

And while it is not an actual part of this release, if you are conversant with the many varied methods for causing such a thing to happen, the spectator's coin can be discovered to be bent at the end of the demonstration! Trust me, this sends shivers down the spine!

I've spent years trying to find the right combination of 'stuff' to make this in a practical form and it has finally happened! You get everything that you need to perform this spooky miracle. All you need to supply is the object that will do the speaking (or simply borrow it!) along with a covering cloth. I use a small velvet cloth to block all light. That way the spirits can do their thing!


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