The Butterfly Technique’s – How to Perform Real Mind Miraclesby Jonathan Royle mixed media DOWNLOAD


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Within this truly unique bumper download package you will gain access to over 6 Hours of training videos that when studied will help enable you to be able to perform Real Mind Miracles and truly 100% Propless Mentalism and Psychological Mind Healing demonstrations anytime, anyplace & anywhere with truly amazing results & reactions.

Once you have studied and learnt the immensely powerful Rapid Psychological Treatment Techniques which are both demonstrated and taught within this package you will then be able to genuinely reduce peoples Physical & Emotional Pain in just a few short minutes, help others to overcome Fears & Phobias that once use to bother them and will even be able to help people to overcome Habits and Addictions that once used to enslave them.

Using elements of the techniques taught will enable you to help rescue people from having full blown Panic or Anxiety Attacks and can also be used to help those experiencing high stress levels to become Calm & Relaxed within just a few short minutes.

You will learn Several tried, tested and consistently proven to work Genuine Rapid Mind Therapy Techniques along with the Psychology behind making them work most effectively each and every time you choose to use them.

A four hour section of the training videos will also teach you exactly how and why all elements of Hypnosis truly work and give you the understanding to be able to incorporate the TRUE POWER OF SUGGESTION more effectively into everything that you do.

And the included One hour video interview where Royle Hypnotist interviews Medical Doctor Steve Bierman who is the author of the book "Healing - Beyond Pills and Potions" will teach you exactly how what many would perceive as true Medical Miracles can and are regularly achieved thanks to the power of Words & Suggestion.

Your understanding of The Placebo Effect, The Power of Authority and the immense power of "Ritual" combined with Verbal and Non Verbal Suggestions will be massively increased by studying the contents of this package.

This should be considered mandatory study for all Mind Therapy Practitioners, Mentalists & those who desire to become True Magical & Mystery Miracle Workers.


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