The Million Dollar Magic Act by Wolfgang Riebe mixed media DOWNLOAD


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For the first time ever!
A verifiable, proven Comedy Cabaret Magic act that has been performed in over 150 countries, the worlds top cruise liners, theatres and global corporate events.

Why would anyone share a success formula? Wolfgang has had an incredible global career and believes that we all need to share the magic for future generations. This is his way of leaving a legacy for a group of select magicians who are serious about taking their careers to the next level.

- Learn from a professional that walks his talk and has lived the dream!
- A book with video course links aimed at professional magicians.
- You will need performance experience and knowledge of classic magic principles.
- Included in the video course is the act 20 years ago and the act today in world class venues; proof that this is a real act with a real track record!
- Each effect in the act is performed and explained with tips and lessons learnt over 30 years of global performances.
- You will learn all the ins and outs of each routine and end up with a proven 60 min act that can be performed anywhere in the world.

Additional bonus items:
Magic as A Million Dollar Business: PDF eBook and video course
Financial Savvy for Magicians: PDF eBook
Smoke, Mirrors, Braaivleis & Sauerkraut Autobiography: PDF eBook

Not only do you learn the Million Dollar act, but the business behind the magic too!

The video instructions include:

Learn a FULL 60 min act
30 YEARS of refinement explained
Every move/comment FINELY TUNED
Pack small - PLAY BIG
Whole act fits into a hand luggage case
Perform the act ANYWHERE
MAXIMUM entertainment
GLOBAL appeal

A global 30 year career and act shared in detail!

All the tools you need to become a millionaire magician!Download now!


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