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In the beginning, everything happens like in the classic Card Warp trick.
The magician shows two cards and folds them over.
He puts one card into another and a miracle happens - half of the card is face down and the other half is face up... But that's not all!
Suddenly the back of the card on the face down side changes color...
The spectator sees half of the red card and half of the blue card... But this is still not the end...
Suddenly the whole card turns blue and turns back to red again.
Both cards can be inspected by the spectator before and after the trick.
The gimmick is easy to make, and most importantly, no threads are needed...
This is a modified version of the Melting Card Warp with an advanced lock mechanism that Mario Tarasini released a few years ago.
So get ready for a modern version of an old trick...


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