What Tha II (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Rodger Lovins – Trick


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You can now own one of the coolest impromptu effects available today!


The magician is seen to reach out into thin air and with his or her bare hands (And Short Sleeves) produce a live creature! Then just as quick, the performer makes it vanish!

Was it real? Was it just an illusion? What the heck was it! Maybe it was just your imagination? The reactions you will get are unbelievable! We have been working on this new design for over five years. We wanted to come up with something that would look real, catch people off guard, last longer, yet leave the spectator with a feeling of wonderment and magic. The new design is all hand painted and made in the U.S.A.

Here is what they are saying about What Tha II

"This new design is so much better. Love it!"

"It is so well made. I am so glad I picked this up."

"This is great! Works well with my close up work."

"Freaked me out! I just had to have it!"

"I really like the fact that it is made in the U.S.A."

ORDER YOURS TODAY! It comes with one hand painted creature and the link to free online video instructions!


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