Beautiful Walnut case, individually handcrafted to fit a regular poker sized deck.

The gimmick comes in blue Bicycle deck, but you can easily replace it using a deck of your choice.

Made from real black walnut, hand-polished and waxed wooden surface. Worthy as a collector's item.

With the innovative unique details, the edges of the playing cards within the card box looks so real that no one will notice it is actually not a real deck. You can freely open the card box to show your spectator the deck inside. You then close the box and place it back into the wooden case, and boom! The deck, together with the card box has vanished without a trace!

The gimmick is slightly larger than a regular poker size deck. But you can use it to vanish or transform anything that can fit in it, not just cards! For example, you can replace the card box with a candy/chocolate/cigarette or any box of similar size.

On top of that, with our unique design, you can even pour out some candies out of the box before you make it disappear to show that it is real. No skill required.

You can also use the wooden case as an elegant deck protector or display case.

Main Effects


You place a deck of cards/a box of chocolates, etc. into the wooden box. When you turn it over, it's gone. Your audience can clearly see the interior through the hole on top.


You have your spectator select a card from a regular deck. Everybody takes a look at the card and remembers it, except you. You then turn back and place the card back into the card box together with the other cards. Then you show them very closely that the whole deck is in the box as you carefully close the box. You then insert the playing cards and card box into the wooden case. When you turn it over, it's gone, but only a folded card is left. The spectator takes it out and unfolds it-it is the card they selected!

The whole set includes:

  • External Walnut wooden box x 1
  • Internal Walnut wooden box + gimmicked with a blue playing card case x 1
  • Unique designed 3D deck edge gimmick x 1
  • Online video tutorial (multiple routines taught by Conan Liu) x 1

Note: No real deck included.


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