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Issue 8:

From the Editor by Paul Romhany
News by Nick Lewin
On Bullying and Magic by Angela Funovits, M.D. 
Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
Ten Little Secrets by Timothy Hyde
Stop! Thief! by Jeff McBride
Mark Wilson - A Lifetime of Magic by Nick Lewin
Lessons I Have Learned From Mark Wilson by Michael King
Mentalism: An Adventure in Mysticism by Craig Browning
Imaginary Circumstances by Joey Pipia
5 - 5 Poker Deal by Jason Leong
Jeff McBride's Magic and Mystery School - Consume... and Forget by Larry Hass
Preserving the Past, in the Present; Creating the Future by Ben Robinson
Lions and Kiwanis and Rotary... Oh My! - Should I Perform for a Civic Club? by Dean Hankey & Errin Hogan
Young Magicians Corner by Chase Hasty
Nick Lewin Presents... It's Not the Destination
Down Under by Danny Archer
The Success Series - What Movie Sequels Can Teach You Regarding Shows by Cris Johnson
DSP - Digital Sports Prediction by Danny Archer
Tin Man by TC Tahoe
Bachstage - Routining Your Illusions: Creating Pictures by Charles Bach
Creative Magic - Closing Up Shop by Randy Burtis
The Magic of Os! - The 1st International Magic Festival Magic Os by Lee Alex
From the Desk of Keith Fields - A First Good Impression
The Secret to Sorcerer's Safari's Success by Nicole Lee
Subbed by Peter Loughran
Tech Talk by Carl Andrews
The Jolly Jester by Steve Spill
Why Fear and Loathing in the Magic Marketplace by Bizzaro
It's Bad Luck to Be Superstitious by Richard Webster
Amplify Your Show With These Show-Music Essentials by Matthew Fallon
The Peek Box by Wayne Rogers
Sound Advice - Music Playback by Peter Mennie
Mistie Knight the Magic Assistant by Gwyn Auger
Magic Reviews by Paul Romhany and Friends
And Another Thing... Be Careful What You Sell by Chipper Lowell
How to Produce a Touring Illusion Show by Leif David
The Illusionists Show Review by Richard Webster


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