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Vanish Magic magazine offers magic tricks, reviews, essays, feature stories and interactive links and more. Cutting edge magic magazine in a digital format.

112 pages
The Adventures of Pokkus
Return of the Ghost Show by John Bundy
Feature story - Hanson Chien
Queen of Magic - Backstory to this amazing film
The Colditz Conjurer
Hocus-Pocus Practice Focus Book - exclusive interview with Amy Kimlat
A Squib in The World by Felicity Fields
ILLUSION Design series - Zombie illusion
Nothing Gen 3
Hands of Time - Trick - Patrick Kuffs
The Mind Reading Spirit of Halloween - Trick - Louie Foxx
Unconscious - Dave Attwood
Nostalgia by Michel Hout
Magic Box by George Iglesias
Caught On Tape - Tom Stone
Pro Deck Switch by Pierre Velarde
Swarm - Abstract Magic
Cogni Notepad by Ricardo Montoya


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