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Paul Romhany started VANISH in 2011 and is considered the most cutting-edge magazine for magicians in the world. Each issue contains magic tricks, reviews, essays, feature stories and more.

118 pages
Feature artist is Lea Kyle who is astounding the world with the most innovative costume change act ever seen. Featured on Penn and Teller and America's Got Talent.
Flurian Sainvet - The ideas and creator behind Lea's costume act Flurian shares his thoughts on creating an original act.
Magical Women featuring Kayla Drescher
I Can't Breathe - with Reggie Rice, Jamahl Keyes,
The Future of Magic Organizations
When The Stranger Calls - Shawn McMaster goes behind what it takes to create one of the most popular magic apps by Jonathan Levit
A Squib in the World by Felicity Fields.
Product Highlight - Mental Dice by Tony Anverdi
In The Nick of Time by Nick Lewin
4 Techniques to turn inquiries for in-person shows into virtual bookings by Katrina Kroetch
Vegas Magic is Back in Business - Trick Supply opens a store.
The Two-Step Watch Steal - Trick - Gregory Wilson
Product Highlight - Amber
Audience Anagram - Trick - Louie Foxx
Crazy Simple Control - Trick - David Attwood
The Running Trinary Cut and The Running Trinary cut revelation - Trick - by Kelvin Ng
Chocolate Mystery - Trick - by Dibya Guha
Magic Is Education by Jeff Christensen
Art and Magic by Ever Elizalde
Magical Wisdom - focus on Simone Marron
Product Reviews - Diception by Jaim Goldenberger, Keith Fields Zoom Lecture, Voiceless by Ali Foroutan, Banderation by Dr. Cyril Thomas, Which Money Card by Danny Urbanus, The Outlaw Hero by Ben Robinson, Out of Karachi by Shazam Khan, Wonderful World by Yu Ho Jim, Ring on String by Erid De Camps.


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