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Paul Romhany started VANISH in 2011 and is considered the most cutting-edge magazine for magicians in the world. Each issue contains magic tricks, reviews, essays, feature stories and more.

104 pages

Feature artist is UK magician and businessman Marvin Berglas. Marvin has achieved international fame with his company and in particular his magic kits. We also discuss what it was like growing up with a legend in magic David Berglas.
Nick Lewin pays tribute to the legendary Marvyn Roy, "Mr. Electric" who passed away. A tribute also by Murray from Las Vegas.
I Can't Breathe - Our continued series from performers who have experienced Racism in the magic world - Steven Palmore, Eric Anderson and Puck.
A Squib in The World by Felicity Fields with guest contributor Austin Dumm
Product Highlight - The Weiser Wallet by Danny Weiser
Women In Magic with Connie Boyd. The background story on Connie and her incredible work in magic - also the start of a new series - Magical Women.
How To See a Hypercube. Joe Ledoux shares a unique illusion called the Hypercube.
Hollie England - Peter Paxx sits down with Hollie and gets an exclusive interview.
The Magiteatern on the Way to Las Vegas - by Thomas L. Swieciak
Hostile Take-over - Trick - by Gregory Wilson
Product Highlight - Cryptid by Mysterion
Cinnamon Extract - Trick - by Louie Foxx
Product Highlight - FLIP - by We Iseli - the trick he fooled Penn and Teller with.
The Chicago Opener Complete - Trick - by Kelvin Ng
Magic Is Education by Jeff Christensen
The Vanishing Card - Trick - by Judge Brown
Magical Wisdom - Focus on Daryl Rogers
Product Reviews - Evolution Project, Bolted, Any Web App, Animated Card in Balloon, Super Latex Cola Drink, Isolated, Virtual Triumph, Virtout of This World, Taking A Stab, Chase


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