Turbulence (Year of the Tiger) Playing Cards


  • Foil on tuck case
  • Limited quantity sticker
  • Produced in China by Bacon Playing Card Company (BPCC)

Since the release of the first edition of the BPCC Turbulence series deck in 2020, it has received widespread acclaim for its outstanding design and excellent handling.

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the all-new Turbulence playing cards! This new edition is based on the original Turbulence design, with the addition of Year of the Tiger elements on the card backs. Additionally, the card boxes feature a striking tiger head pattern and roses, and three deck boxes can be assembled to form a complete tiger head pattern, creating a visually stunning effect.

We have full confidence in this brand-new Torrential series, which not only inherits the exceptional qualities of the original series but also incorporates even more exciting elements, making it a must-have collectible and utility deck. By employing advanced craftsmanship and meticulous design, we have brought you a truly unique and captivating Turbulence deck.


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