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The Tudor period was one of the most exciting eras in English history. King Henry VII (King of Clubs) was the first monarch of the Tudor dynasty, when he unified the country after the War of the Roses. King Henry VIII (King of Spades) and Anne Boleyn (Queen of Spades) are infamous throughout the world. The death of their daughter, Queen Elizabeth I (Queen of Hearts), marked the end of the Tudor dynasty in 1603.

The design for the House of Tudor deck is fully-custom and focuses on the most influential people from the Tudor dynasty. The Spades include King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and Cardinal Wolsey. The Hearts feature King Edward VI, Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley. Highlighted in the Clubs are King Henry VII, Elizabeth of York and John Cabot.

And finally, the three Diamond courts include Philip II of Spain, Queen Mary I ("Bloody Mary") and Sir Walter Raleigh. Each court character and Joker is hand-drawn with pencil on paper, and color painted in Photoshop. The 1-way face cards for the Tudor design is a nod to the style of the portraiture during the time period. To help with gameplay, the numbers cards and Jokers utilize the 1-way design as well.

The Jokers feature the Tower of London and King Henry VIII's favorite warship - The Mary Rose.

The back card features the Tudor Rose and references designs of Tudor architecture. A gold swirl pattern encompasses the Border of the back card, which results in a beautiful display when the Cards are fanned out.

The House of Tudor tuck box also features the Tudor architecture design references, and includes red and gold foils on the exterior and red foil on the interior design. The tuck box is extremely intricate in detail, and it looks spectacular!

The House of Tudor deck is printed with Legends Playing Cards, and utilizes their incredible classic finish.


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