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Volume One

Section One - Introducing Elastic Thread
Section Two - Accessing the Threads
Section Three - Magic With Invisible Elastic

Tahoe Tessie and the Magic Postcard
The Rising Business Card
Whirling Business Card
Dan Harlan's Financial Attraction
Ammar's Portable, Permanent Wallet Hookup
Section Four - Finn Jon's Elastic Loops

Phenomenon Fork
Finn Jon's Bill That Falls Up
The Floating Bill
Electrostatic Straw
Things That Affect Thread Visibility
Section Five - Visible but Hidden Threads

Stefan Schuster's Self-Folding Bill with Kicker, featuring Ammar's Self-Contained Wallet Hookup
Acrobatic Matchbox
Section Six - The Traditional Reel

Knot Absolutely Instant
Knot Automatically Undone
Clearly Penetrated Mike Stand
Section Seven - James George Interview

Comparing Every Available I. T. R.
Care and Management


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