The Vault – Hand Choreography by Matthieu Hamaissi mixed media DOWNLOAD


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Brand new gimmick free coin magic for beginners and experts!
Magic made to perform real conditions.
12 powerful tricks with one, two, three and four coins.Effects that happen in your spectators' hands and utilize common like a ring, a cup and even a borrowed book.
New visuals, coins raining from the sky, teleporting, transforming, and changing their size color.

In this project:
-12 tricks and their detailed explanations (with slow motion video of the complete trick)
-A technical video on white background to help understand and learn each move in detail.
- A theoretical video on:
How to learn coin magic
How to refine and work on your naturalness
Which trick to do at which time?
How to improvise your magic
how to do effects with other objects?

The tricks use the same movements and constructions, which allows you to master many tricks quickly!

Also, the quality of the images, the editing and the music, are all orchestrated by an artist photographer. This makes it a pleasant DOWNLOAD to watch and learn from.Download it today!


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