The MC’s Guidebook by Scott Alexander – Book



This book is an in depth examination of all the tools and tricks of the trade you will need to be an effective and successful Master of Ceremonies. Inside you will find show flow charts, ways to arrange and manage all the acts in the program, as well as time tested introductions and routines. These tricks, routines and bits have proven successful for Scott in his emcee work.

The Coffee Bit
20's to 10's Enter Stage Left (Dizzy Arrow Intro)
The Cha Cha Arrow - (with audio file)
Flash Strip
Card Silk Gag
Two Wrongs Make a Right
Envelope Intro
Little Grater
Watch Bit
Big Money
Shocking Gag

You will learn what makes a good MC and what makes a lousy one. There is nothing worse when watching a show that drags and feels disjointed. It is the job of the MC to keep the show light, flowing and above all entertaining and you will learn just how to do that.

Scott analyzes and evaluates many successful magicians who were known for being terrific MC's. In this book we examine why they were successful and in demand for hosting work.

The book also comes with a training video where Scott walks you through the material to further help lock it into your brain. Plus he teaches you some tricks to use in your MC work that are super easy and pack some good magic and laughs. Not only that but there are dozens and dozens of lines, jokes, and introductions you can use to boot!

This guidebook has something for everyone!


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