The Illusionist Classic Boxset Playing Cards



Magic theater theme

Hand-drawn illustrations. Half a year in the making. Meticulous and intricate.

Original theater tuck box

Unprecedented structure and design. Seven individual pieces of cardboard are hand-assembled to form this masterpiece.


ARK has once again pioneered a unique and creative playing card tuck box structure. The tuck box shape is modeled after the magic theater from the last century. When the box is unfolded, a three-dimensional magic theater stage will appear before your eyes, with the magician standing center stage, performing the famous 'Sawing a lady /person in half' illusion.

When closed, the artwork on the tuck box depicts a Western-style detached building, the performance poster at the entrance of the theater, the Illusionist signboard that can be seen from afar, the figure of the magician in the skylight on the top floor, the splendor of the window sill... presented with these countless details, one cannot help but imagine the crowded scene at the entrance of the theater where celebrities in gorgeous evening wear gather one after another before the show.


Magic evolved from pagan and religious activities and has a long history. At the conception of this project, we were full of awe for such a grand theme. We hoped to condense this time-honored art form of magic into 56 playing cards. Classical magic effects are performed.


Limited to 1500 numbered sets. Includes two (2) decks: colored deck & champagne deck.

Collectible storage box to match the playing cards. The box is luxurious and stylish. Both the interior and exterior of the box are embellished with white and dark patterns. The high-quality imported paper is filled with the words "Illusionist" embossed with gold foil. It includes a certificate of authenticity. The dream magical journey is about to begin!


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