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The Gaff Satchel is a leather key ring coin holder. An essential accessory for any magician who uses gaff coins in their performances. This sleek and stylish holder is specially designed to keep your gaff coins organized and easily accessible, while also protecting them from damage.

Crafted from high-quality navy leather, this compact and durable holder is perfect for keeping your gaff coins secure while on the go. The holder features a sturdy metal clasp that attaches easily to your keyring, so you can keep your coins with you at all times.

The interior of the holder is soft and smooth, providing a protective layer for your gaff coins and preventing them from getting scratched or damaged. The top flap of the holder snaps closed with a metal button, keeping your coins securely in place and allowing for quick and easy access when you need them.

This leather key ring coin holder can hold coins sizes up to a Morgan silver dollar or even a expanded shell Morgan, making it versatile and suitable for various types of gaff coins.

One of the main benefits of using a leather Gaff Satchel for your gaff coins is that it helps to keep them separate from your regular coins. This is important because gaff coins are often specially designed with unique features or gimmicks that can easily get mixed up with your everyday change.

Whether you're performing a close-up magic routine or practicing your sleight of hand, The Gaff Satchel is a must-have accessory for any magician who wants to keep their gaff coins organized and in top condition. So why not add this stylish and practical holder to your toolkit today and take your magic to the next level!


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