The Cape Town Street Magic Trilogy by Magic Man, Colin Underwood and Jaques Le Suer video DOWNLOAD


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3 INCREDIBLE VIDEOS AVAILABLE IN ONE DOWNLOAD NOW!Colin Underwood: Street Smart Magic Series - Episode 1The Magic Man Project: Volume 1 - Rubber BandsWATCH by Jacques Le SueurThree incredible HD videos available in one download now! All of the videos contain worker effects straight out of the repertoires of three of Cape Town's most accomplished magicians. Real-world street magic effects that you will use! Taught in full HD with live performances included. The Cape Town Street Magic Trilogy is unbelievable value!Full HD | Full live and in-studio performances included | Real-World magic | Over 2.5 hours1. Colin Underwood: Street Smart Magic Series - Episode 1In this exciting new HD download series, Colin Underwood shares his handlings on some of the classic effects in magic. These are worker effects that have been audience tested and refined through years of performing.You will learn:Signed Card to Box - Colin's version of the signed card to clear box...with an ungimmicked box!Torn and Restored Card - A smooth and justified handling of this classic effect.Bonus: Poker Chip moves & sleights.- All effects require a PK R***.2. The Magic Man Project (Volume 1: Rubber Bands)In this electrifying new HD download series, Magic Man (Andrew Eland) shares two of his favorite rubber band routines. These are two real-world routines that he has been performing for over 20 years - refined and tweaked through thousands of performances in every environment possible!You will learn:The Boomerang Band routine - A hidden gem! Expertly presented and methodically taught.A Rubber Band Routine - including Magic Man's unique presentation for the Crazy Man's Handcuffs.These are real world, in-the-trenches routines that have been audience tested and perfected!3. WATCH by Jacques Le SueurJacques Le Sueur is the only magician to have stolen South African President Nelson Mandela's watch... twice! Now it is your turn to learn his unique technique for stealing a watch!You will learn:# Learn Jacques' technique (known as one of the fastest & smoothest)# Micro & Macro technique covered# Variations on how to reveal the watch# Bonus Routine - Card in Spectator's Sleeve"Colin is an energetic innovator of comedy and magic with a wealth of experience and a sharp sense of humor!"- Trevor Duffy"Seeing Jacques work in South Africa, I can tell you unreservedly that his unique watch steal is the perfect combination of method, misdirection and mischievousness to slay any audience." - Gregory Wilson"Exceptional, forged in the fire, real world routines!"- Bro GilbertDownload the video and start learning from these pros!


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