Skymember Presents Nomad Ring Mark III (Barber Edition) – Trick



In 2021 we brought you Nomad Ring Mark 2, a groundbreakingly visual coin ring routine that took the magic community by storm.

The Nomad Ring Mark 2 achieved great success and won the hearts of magicians, for its BOLD, DIRECT and VISUAL presentation.

However... We received feedback from the customers; their gimmick was snapped just after a few uses.

For these very reasons, together with Alchemist Metal Company, we've redesigned the coin and the ring with a completely different approach that not only stripped away these problems but crafted in a fresh look with even better quality.

Say hello to Nomad Ring Mark 3 BARBER Edition.

Our Barber Coin is the WORLD FIRST 38 mm custom made half dollar coin, designed in our SIGNATURE Monarch Pattern that is only found in our Art of Coin series.

The coin is not only BEAUTIFULLY made... but they are also magnetic to widen your coin magic applications.

The beauty of the Barber coin is perfectly crafted in our coin ring.

Perfection is in the details, every little artwork was finely embossed on the inner and outer ring such as characters, stars and leaves.

To achieve even better aesthetics, we coat the ring with a moderated vintage patina through a complicated process that will last a very long time. It is rare to find such quality craftsmanship in magic products at this price point.

The routine needed reliable magnetism. Therefore, to increase the durability, this time, we've developed a special formulized chemical compound which will be able to strengthen the bond between the magnet and the ring.

This generation of the Coin Ring marks a significant leap in durability tests. Regardless of how rough you may treat the ring; the magnet will remain in place. This means, you can now perform the routine confidently and wear the magnetic coin ring as daily accessories.

No matter what outfit you wear, the Barber Ring will be seen as a stylish, modern everyday carry that will harmonize with any style and ready to shine whenever you want to.

The routine is fully modular; therefore you can perform all phases together or just a part of it. You are not limited to performing the Coin to Ring, but VICE versa!

Regardless, if you are a magician, magic enthusiast or coin ring collector, Nomad Ring Mark III will meet your expectations.

Are you ready....for this evolution?

Limited Release...Get yours now WORLDWIDE.

Disclaimer: Each Nomad Ring Mark 3 comes with a custom coin and gimmicked ring (21mm). Ungimmicked coin ring available for separate purchase. The patina on each barber coin and ring may vary as they are hand applied. Commercial rights are reserved for Nomad Ring including but not limited to TV and web shows. Kindly contact Skymember Presents for commercial inquiries.


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