Self-Working Wonders by Chris Wardle – Book



'Self-Working Wonders' by Chris Wardle

  • This is a collection of 25 new, baffling and easy to perform effects!
  • Includes a full color gimmick on the back cover to cut out and use straight away!
  • A4 sized, paperback, with 62 pages of effects, plus contents page, introduction, author's notes and a foreword by The Linking Ring columnist, Michael Breggar.
  • Printed on high-quality paper with over 30 photographs/images/graphics.
  • Includes tricks with cards, coins, mentalism, investigations with the Gilbreath principle, cut and restored illusions, a triple variation on Any Card at Any Number and a simple, low-numbers magic square.
  • By award-winning member of The Inner Magic Circle, Chris Wardle, the author of 'Quirky Forces'.

From the foreword by Michael Breggar:"Self-Working Wonders presents you with a variety of effects; none with intimidating sleights or moves, all with cleverly well-constructed designs for maximum impact. There are coin tricks, card tricks, mentalism effects, cut and restored magic, routines for family audiences, number magic, and several cool applications of Norman Gilbreath's principles. All are eminently doable, commercial, and ready for you to make them yours. I LOVE Chris's work on the Magic Square and Pseudo-Pyschometry (and you will too). And be sure to spend some time absorbing, then performing, 'Three Thoughts Converge' and 'Triple ACAAN'. I am crazy about good ACAANs and this is a very powerful and practical approach that is highly entertaining. Put the work into this collection of self-workers. You'll have fun learning these effects and more fun melting the minds of your audiences."
- Michael Breggar


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