Secrets of the Key Master (with Holographic Foil Drawer Box) Playing Cards by Handlordz



"SECRETS OF THE KEY MASTER" is THE breath-taking MUST HAVE DECK OF THE YEAR! 10 years in the making this LIMITED EDITION one of a kind project will simply BLOW YOUR MIND!

Secrets of the Keymasters is a gorgeous deck full of incredible detail and ingenuity!

This deck is full of secrets and functionality that no other deck in the world has! The very special dual holographic foil drawer box has so many uses and functions built in. One of the biggest secrets contained within this deck is the special marking system allowing you to look at the back and instantly know what card it is. The marking system is straightforward and simple, it's a mirrored single point system meaning that with one mark you can know both the number and suit. It's also marked in two places so that you can see it regardless of orientation. The box can also be used with a metal clip (not included) and attach it to a belt and allows you instant access to the deck, and can even be used as a sheath for card throwers. The box reverses from locked to a "fast box" by just reversing the tray! It contains a secret compartment to hide a card or a prediction.

This deck is made for card collectors, poker players, manipulators, magicians and anyone that loves playing cards! This is the first deck in this series, do not miss this part of playing card history!

Printed by the USPC!


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