Royle Hypnotist Live in Blackpool 2023 Exposing the True Inside Secrets of Stage Hypnosis,Street Hypnotism & Combining Hypnotic Techniques with Magic & Mentalism by Jonathan Royle – Mixed Media DOWNLOAD


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History was made on Thursday, February 16th 2023 the day before the official start of the Blackpool Magician's Club Convention as the "British Bad Boy of Hypnosis" Jonathan Royle took to the stage for four hours and shared his (until now) most jealously guarded secrets before leaving the stage to an enthusiastic standing ovation.

Several who attended in person have since stated that this was one of if not the ultimate highlight of events they attended whilst in Blackpool for the 2023 Convention!

In short whether your desire is to discover how to perform a complete comedy stage hypnosis show, add street hypnotism skills to your repertoire or you just want to spice up your magical & mentalism routines with a little added hypnotic suggestion & apparent mind control then this is truly the only training package that you will ever need.

By way of the main 4 hours of training videos together with the bonus instructional PDF's and additional eye opening videos supplied

You will learn the essential secrets to legally, lawfully and safely...

Perform a complete 60 to 90 minute comedy stage hypnosis show with ease.

Duplicate all of the most amazing stunts you have ever seen any street hypnotist, mentalist or psychological illusionist achieve with hypnosis and/or suggestion.

Discover how to effectively combine hypnosis & suggestion techniques with your magic and mentalism performances.

How to hypnotize people anytime, anyplace, anywhere and get them to do almost anything you can possibly imagine in a legal, lawful & above all else SAFE manner.

Learn how to help people overcome habits, addictions, fears & phobias rapidly and in an apparently miraculous manner.

Along the way you will witness Royle demonstrating many routines and then in a simple step by step manner he will teach you all of the psychological, physical and physiological tricks used in order to GUARANTEE success.

Yes indeed you are taught numerous powerful ploys, techniques and approaches that when combined together help to ensure that you can never possibly fail when performing genuine suggestion and hypnotic style stunts, routines & techniques.

Plus you will discover the most comprehensive collection of information on pseudo hypnotic stunts & so called hypno-tricks or hypno-effects including the true secrets of the world famous electric chairs routine.

Royle also reveals the true lineage and history behind numerous techniques that many incorrectly think were created by Aaron Alexander, Anthony Jacquin of Head-Hacking Fame, James Tripp of Hypnosis without Trance, James Brown, Luke Jermay & even Peter Turner among many others.

The original source materials for these apparently "original" ideas (or sometimes just incorrectly credited as they were provably created many decades earlier by other people than those they credited) are all revealed as are many other shocking & eye opening strategies for hypnotic success & being able to demonstrate your ability of how to control minds.

Further bonus access is included to several hours of video interviews that Royle has conducted with some of the biggest names in stage hypnosis & entertainment hypnotism in the World including...

Christian P Taylor aka "Doc Strange", James Szeles, Richard Nongard, John Cerbone, Jay Tee, Michael C DeSchalt, Robert Temple, Mark Lewis, Rodney James Piper, Ken Webster, Dave Rawson, Max Kaan, Grant Saunders, Ray Ronson, Mike Mandel, Rich Guzzi, Tom Silver, Brian Halliday aka Shrink aka Mind-Punisher, Alan Sands, Jason Cyrus, Barry Jones, Scott McFall, Emerg McVay, Jaden Boon, Atilla Kun & The Rogue Hypnotist Mark Anthony

The secrets, techniques, strategies for success and real world experience that all of these top professionals share during their time being interviewed by Jonathan Royle is worth many, many times your tiny investment into this bumper training package.

An absolute bargain price!


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