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The perfect course in card magic. Start here and become a real card magician. The Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue is probably the single most often recommended book on card magic for beginners. It is an absolute classic and can take you quickly and effectively from the very basics all the way to a finished expert. Hugard and Braue have organized the book by starting with the tools that you need at each chapter and then teaching you a number of effects you can do considering the tools you will have learned. It is a strategy that has proven very effective and allows the student to immediately get the satisfaction of performing some excellent effects right away. Here are some of the things you will learn: The Overhand ShuffleRiffle ShuffleFlourishesThe GlideThe GlimpseThe Key CardThe PalmThe BackslipFalse Shuffles and CutsThe Double Lift and TurnoverThe PassMiscellaneous Card FlourishesThe ReversesThe Hindu Shuffle and Other ControlsThe Classic ForceTop and Bottom ChangesArrangementsRoutinesPlatform Tricks Conjuring Arts' fresh new scan is the basis of this great ebook. This version is our text over image style PDF that is easy to read on all tablets. Pages: 307 - 6" x 9.4" - Black and white illustrations - PDF FORMAT


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