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David Medina is a brilliant mentalist performing nowadays in Brazil.With Medina you will learn the following effects:Kurotsu-KEY - Five keys are thrown in a bag and mixed, including one which is freely chosen and signed by the spectator. Then you can only with the power of the mind, find the signed key.GI-PSY - An amazing prediction with special cards of pictures and a fantastic ending.SUDOKU'S BOOK TEST - Spectacular demonstration of telepathy with a rapturous climax.Tossed IN A BAG - A deck is fully mixed and released in a bag, which is shaken by mixing the cards even more. A spectator selects a card and secretly puts it in his pocket. Still, you are able to know exactly what the selected card is. Simply spectacular!ULTRA PERFECT TEAR CENTER - This is David Medina's version of the famous "Center Tear", containing an innovative technique, natural and totally clean for the discovery of information!Duration: 90 minutesLanguage: Portuguese


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