Prodiction by TCC and GBDL – Trick



In collaboration with GBDL - This is "Prodiction"

"Prodiction" promises to be a game-changer in the world of magic. 

"Prodiction" is more than a simple playing card reveal; it's a multi-phase routine packed into a compact badge.

The name "Prodiction" combines "Production" and "Prediction" because it goes beyond a straightforward prediction. In the full routine, this small badge delivers three astounding effects.

The first is a prediction of a comic book character, followed by the second and third playing card predictions.

The actual routine is filled with surprises!


  • Triple predictions, delivering a triple dose of astonishment.
  • A brand-new method with a "Sucker Trick" plot.
  • 3.2 cm (~1.26") in diameter, featuring a magnetic design that can be worn on both sides.
  • Enhanced visual impact.
  • Versatile - it functions as a badge, chip, or coin.


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