Newton’s Touch by Luke Jonas and Scott Olgard Mixed Media DOWNLOAD


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Newton's Touch is something that everyone can perform without any card handling skills. It also opens the door to being able to perform some of the great classic plots within magic and mentalism with ease. This leaves the performer to concentrate on the performance as a whole rather than focusing solely on the method. On the download, several ideas are discussed using the method in a jam session along with an accompanying PDF that is packed with additional ideas and effects as well. Everything has been well thought out down to the last detail. Welcome to Newton's Touch."Every so often, someone comes up with an idea which is so simple, but so darn clever it makes you laugh out loud. Newton's Touch fits into this category. A gem of an idea that one can take and create stunners with!"- John Carey"I just watched this, and I like it - A simple and flexible technique that can be used for many things; I've no doubt that I'll use it at some point!"- Dee ChristopherDownload and start learning!


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