MVP Lite (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gonzalo Albiñana and Crazy Jokers – Trick


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"Gonzalo has modernized and streamlined a much loved classic. Following in the path of Max Maven and adding his own touches to revive this often overlooked piece of mentalism that allows for great customization and endless presentational possibilities. Recommended!"
- Luke Jermay

After the success and warm welcome from the community of M.V.P., you wanted more, and we had heard you.

We are proud to present M.V.P. Lite edition.

M.V.P. Lite will allow you to magically arrange and predict any five letter Word, combination, or five card or image collage that you want.

Can you imagine a better way to establish your MAGIC? Just to start.

A better way to say HELLO to your audience?

M.V.P. Lite has all of the advantages of M.V.P., but in a simpler, more straightforward routine, with some extra ideas and easiest settings.

If you were loving M.V.P., you would love the Lite edition. If you did not know it are about to have some fun and great reactions.

You will receive a full package with all the gimmicks and necessary cards to create this fun piece of magic.

Welcome to M.V.P. Lite!


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