Marked Paisley Ton sur Ton Poudre Blue Playing Cards



Dutch Card House Co., a playing card company based in Amsterdam, released a popular deck of cards in 2018 called Paisley Playing Cards, featuring a design based on the ancient Persian Paisley pattern. The deck received positive support and multiple series were released, including Metallic Red&Blue, Magical Black&Gold, Christmas, Royals, and Poker. The company is now introducing a new addition to the series, the Paisley Ton sur Ton Playing Cards.

Ton sur Ton is a Dutch fashion term that hints at the combination of similar colors, creating a pleasant matching design of this iconic natural paisley pattern.

The tuck box for the Blue and Rouge editions comes with an alternative tuck closure. The flap of the box folds over the tuck and slides into the die cut halfway through the tuck. With the illustrious elaborate ribbon banner panning from the top to the back of the box, it compliments the unique design of the flap. The box also comes with embossing on the artwork with silver and rose gold (respectively) foil to add up an extra glamorous look.

Magicians all over the world praise the signature marking system of the Paisley series. Naturally, Paisley Ton sur Ton editions feature the same marking system for suits and value!

It is integrated into the detailed PAISLEY back design. It is easy to read for the trained eye and completely invisible to your audience.

The design of the cards is what you would expect in every Paisley Playing Cards series: standards with slight modifications. The back design is a monochrome color of its respective edition, with courts colored either Blue or Rouge based on its edition. These decks are produced by Legends Playing Cards Co. on their crushed stock with Viper Finish and Diamond Cut, with each edition limited to 700 decks.


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