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Stage illusionists historically have been extremely secretive about their craft. Not just about the secrets to the illusions themselves-the mechanics are just a small part-but about the real secrets of what turns a stage illusion into a breathtaking moment of pure magic. Now, for the first time ever on video, Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon, the "First Couple" of magic and perhaps the greatest exponents of grand illusion ever to grace a stage, lift away the veil and show you the real secrets of stage illusion -the insider information that could only be gained by performing in over 50 countries for the last quarter of a century. THE LINKING RINGS

The Linking Rings Explanation
The Linking Rings Timing And Safety SANDS OF EGYPT

Sands Of Egypt Explanation THE KELLAR ROPE TIE

The Kellar Rope Tie Explanation HEAD TWISTER

Demonstration And Explanation THE WORLD'S GREATEST FEET OF MAGIC

Performance And Explanation BONUS MATERIALAn in-depth interview with Jonathan Pendragon by Patrick Martin (Part 3) When the history of magic is written, Jonathan Pendragon will be remembered as one of its most creative performers." - David Copperfield


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