Kingdom Classic (Silver) Playing Card Collection Boxset



The palace-shaped gift box is inspired by the palace architecture during the Renaissance period. It adopts a Vertical Packaging Structure composed of three parts: an outer cover, a 4-page fold, and a base. As you open the three parts of the box, the interior of the "Luxurious Palace" will be revealed in front of your eyes.

Full-Page Foil Gift Box Cover

The cover is made of high-end Italian iridescent paper, which is covered with delicate Full-page foiled lines. The pattern on the foil copper plate is refined by laser engraving. Four Illustrations of marble sculptures peek out from the Arc-shaped windows.

Detachable Four Page Fold

When you pull up the carved foiled cover, a detachable four-page fold appears in front of your eyes. The fold can be freely flattened and folded, Each side of the fold is covered with gold foil patterns and beautiful illustrations, the detailed patterns, and negative space are balanced just right.

Magnificent Vertical Base

In order to make KINGDOM Playing Cards exquisite and luxurious during the static display, we redesigned the placement posture of the two decks inside the gift box, using the vertical placement instead of the traditional horizontal one. The pair of decks are like two swords inserted inside the base, which looks grand and energetic.

Fine Printing and Embossing Foiled Tuck Box

We combined the printing techniques and embossing process to complete the production of the tuck box, the card box has gone through 8 processes of production procedures, the combination of foiled lines and illustrations makes the tuck box extremely luxurious and exquisite.

The ARK team has also tried to make use of the tiny space inside the card box keeping the same luxurious feel like the outside. The inside of the tuck box uses a red and blue gold foil pattern. When you hold the card box, you will feel the aesthetic of harmony and unity inside and out.

Handcraft Illustrations: Took more than 100 days to complete

All ACEs, JOKERs as well as Court Cards are completely customized. The illustrations are drawn using the classic Sgraffito painted technique. Each illustration was first drawn and colored carefully on the paper and then using high-precision scanning transferring into digital images, the whole process took more than 100 days to complete.

Features of the Kingdom Classic Boxset

  • The palace-shaped handcraft package box
  • Fine printing and embossing foil tuck box
  • Pure hand-painted illustration, took over 100 days to complete
  • Each boxset contains two decks of cards: Red & Blue
  • Playing cards are printed by USPCC
  • Gold version & Silver version are limited to 500 sets for each, with foiled number seal

NOTE: In the Gold and Silver version of KINGDOM Classic Boxset, only the card box is different, the gift box and the 54 cards are identical.


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