Kids Kards 25th Anniversary Edition by Richard Pinner – Trick


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The amazing transformation effect with a cute story and LOTS OF MAGIC created by Richard Pinner as part of his act that won 'The Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year 1999' New Faces&New Backs 25th Anniversary Deck. Language Free design Works Everywhere.

A group of children that you did a show for have made you a unique and special gift as a thank you. Wonderful though this is, it's not a lot of use for performing with.

So, using your special powers, you set about changing the deck into a more familiar and useful design. With the brand new deck, you demonstrate your skills with a little mind reading.

Wracked with guilt at ruining the young one's beautiful present you set about returning it to its former, if unconventional, glory.

The deck does all the work for you. It's rough&smooth, short&long and marked!

You just have to be there to sparkle during the trick and then take the credit at the end.


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