JT Crown (Blue) Playing Cards by Joker and the Thief



Introducing Joker and the Thief: Crown Edition playing cards! This new series of luxury playing cards is where practicality and aesthetics meet in perfect harmony. Hand illustrated by our long-term collaborator, world-renowned artist, and friend Pedro Oyarbide. Crown Playing Cards explores a relationship with life and a stoic approach to death, expanding upon the themes established in the original Joker and the Thief decks.

Standard Red and Blue Decks:

Choose from our classic Standard Red and Standard Blue decks. These playing cards emphasise practicality - featuring minimalist court cards that are designed in-house, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your card games and magic tricks without distractions.

Made with premium paper stock, and a finish that allows the cards to effortlessly glide. All housed in a beautiful tuck box with heavy embossing on the design elements. Sealed with our foil, Joker and the Thief manufacturer seal.

Limited Edition Gold Crown Gilded Deck:

Elevate your collection with the limited edition Gold Gilded Crown Playing Cards. Exclusively numbered from 1 to 500, this deck is a true collector's gem. Each card features hot foil stamping on the backs, and every deck is gilded with shimmering gold foil on the sides, providing a touch of opulence and making your cardistry moves even more mesmerizing.

Gilded Holographic Red and Blue Variants:

For the ultimate in luxury and style, explore our gilded holographic red and bue variants. Numbered individually from 1 to 150, these feature alluring holographic gilding, creating a stunning visual experience.

Key features of Crown Playing Cards:

  • Exquisite Artistry: Immerse yourself in captivating designs that seamlessly blend tradition with modern aesthetics, all masterfully illustrated by our in-house designer Pedro Oyarbide.
  • Stoic Themes: Embrace the stoic philosophy and theme behind Crown Playing Cards. A deck with a story, developed while travelling through the home of stoic philosophy - Greece!
  • Collector's Delight: Beyond their utility, these cards are a collector's treasure, an artistic marvel that will be the highlight of any collection.
  • Luxurious Finishing: Crown playing cards feature premium card stock and finish to meet your ultimate standard of play. Durability for ongoing game play. Not only that, Crown playing cards feature premium finishings such as gilding, foil stamping, and embossing to make these decks a stand out in your collection.
  • Limited Editions: Round out your collection with limited edition gilded versions, all uniquely numbered - unique to you!

Crown Playing Cards are more than just a deck of cards; they're a statement of style and sophistication, a bridge between tradition and modernity. Elevate your card game, capture the spirit of stoicism, and own a piece of cardistry artistry today with the Crown Playing Cards series.


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