HYPNOTIZED: Be a true a master in Hypnosis by Saymon


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Become A hypnosis master even if you're starting from absolute zero!
Imagine being able to attach your spectator's hands under the surface of a table without any glue, make them completely mute with a simple gesture, or even create hallucinations so vivid they seem real to your spectator's eyes.
These are just a few of the skills you'll get when you purchase this book.
Receive scripts of exactly what to say to put your spectators into a trance in a few seconds and achieve the greatest possible effects.
What you will learn: You will learn what hypnosis is, how it works and all the hypnotic processes to hypnotize anyone at your command even if you are starting from absolute zero!
Confidence: How to have full confidence in your performances by making everyone see you as a true master of hypnosis?
Take a look at some of the lessons you'll have access to in this book!


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