Hocus Pocus Practice Focus by Amy Kimlat – Book



"Magicians work hard, just like dancers and singers.
They don't become great just by snapping their fingers!"

(Ages 3-8) When a magician amazes Mila at her birthday party, she wants to become a magician just like her! The magician makes it look so easy, but magic tricks are trickier than Mila thought! Just when Mila's dream feels like it might disappear, she discovers the magic secret in an unexpected place... and person.

Hocus Pocus Practice Focus is an inspiring, rhyming read-aloud that reveals a magician's greatest secret -- real magic happens when you prepare, practice, and persist!


"A book that every child interested in magic should have, and every girl interested in magic needs."
- DAVID COPPERFIELD, Legendary Las Vegas Magician

"[The] perfect introduction and behind-the-scenes peek at the practice and focus that goes into putting on a great magic show!"
- LISA COUSINS, Magician&Librarian at Hollywood's Magic Castle

"Magic has been a boy's club for way, way, way too long. That's changing and quickly. This book will make it change even quicker."
- PENN JILLETTE of the World-Famous Magician Duo, Penn&Teller

"I love this ingenious little book. Wise story (from personal experience!), full of clever rhymes, sweet, funny pictures, and even a surprise twist. Inspiring!"
- TELLER of the World-Famous Magician Duo, Penn&Teller

"As a professional magician whose journey in magic started with a book, I'm so happy thinking about all the kids this book will inspire!"
- JEN KRAMER, Las Vegas Headlining Magician

"This is the book I have wished for, something to recommend to parents of young magicians."
- CARISA HENDRIX, Guinness Book World Record-Holding Fire Eater&Magic Castle Stage Magician of the Year

"The strong representation of diverse magicians will not only inspire but empower kids to succeed."
- KAYLA DRESCHER, Award-Winning Magician&Host of the Shezam Podcast

"[A] well-told story about how to become a magician. Hidden in the antics of the heroine, young readers are left with a framework for success."
- LISA MENNA, Renowned Magician&Founder of Cause to Wonder

"An excellent introduction to what it takes to learn magic-a skill that builds lifelong confidence and interpersonal skills. Get this book."
- OZ PEARLMAN, Mentalist, Magician, and Finalist on America's Got Talent

"What an inspiration for all children who want to learn about magic. It's especially inspirational for girls who need good role models who look like them."
- SUZANNE, Fooler, TV's Penn&Teller: Fool Us

"...Teaches the lesson of perseverance and dedication to a craft which is rarely taught to younger children."
- MAGICAL KATRINA, As Seen on TV's Masters of Illusion and Penn&Teller: Fool Us

"Without a doubt, this book will help a lot of girls to feel seen, inspired, and motivated to enter into the wonderful world of magic."
- DANIA DIAZ, Award-Winning Magician&Finalist on Spain's Got Talent

"Magic requires more than just talent. This book is a wonderful introduction to magic that illustrates the importance of practice and perseverance."
- MAT FRANCO, Winner, America's Got Talent


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