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In this volume, you'll find amazing magic that can be performed with ordinary finger rings. Almost everybody wears a ring of some kind and because of the value people place on their jewelry, magic with finger rings assures immediate spectator interest. Perform miracles with a borrowed ring and little else - perhaps a shoelace or a wand - and, of course, the knowledge you'll obtain from the expert performers gathered on this video.From entire routines by creators like Daryl, Mark Leveridge, Dan Fleshman and other artists to quick visual stunners from Gregory Wilson and Al Schneider-and a whole lot more in between - you'll be performing world-class finger ring magic in no time.DARYLRing, Rope, Wand JAY SANKEYStirring SilverNest Egg MARK LEVERIDGEThe Ring and String Routine AL SCHNEIDEROffRing-n-PencilRing GagCoin Through Ring DAVID ROTHCoin Through Ring FLIPWand-A-Ring MICHAEL AMMARThe Ring, The String and The Safety Pin ALEXANDER DE COVARing-O-Matic (courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc.) DAN FLESHMANRing and StringRing Flight GREGORY WILSONGarrett Thomas' Ring Thing JON TREMAINERing on RopeRunning Time Approximately 2hr 5min


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