Expert Rope Magic Made Easy by Daryl – Volume 3 video DOWNLOAD


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Features:* Special Knots* Slippery Knot* Convertible Knot* Captive Knot* Knot Impossible* Nu-way Knot* Ropes & Body Parts* Ropes Through Neck* Ropes Through Neck II* Tenkai's Rope Through The Neck* Instant Rope Through The Neck* Loop Through Neck* The Priest's Pearls* Cat's Cradle Penetration* Multiple Cut & Restored Rope* Vishnu Rope Mystery* Chinese Rope Chain* Panama Rope Mystery* Triple Rope Mystery* Rings & Ropes* Types of Rings (Large)* Anverdi-Off* Chanin's Linked-On* Reverse Chanin-Off* Direct Throw-On* Miller's Move* Ring & Rope Release* Miscellaneous Rope Magic* Dissolvo* The Fastest Knot In The World* Cornelius Sliding Knot* The Kellar String Trick* Sliding & Vanishing Knot* The Jumping Knot I* The Jumping Knot II* Daryl's Rope Routine* Daryl's Rope Routine Performance* Preparation & Set-Up* Pulling Off The Ends* Cutting The Rope With The Fingers* Rope Restoration* The Jumping Ends* Pulling a Piece Off Of The Rope* The Pretzel Knot* Instantaneous Knot* Professor's Nightmare* Professor's Daydream* Jumping Knot of Pakistan* The Jumping Knot of Pakistan Performance* Explanation for Jumping Knot of Pakistan


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