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Your chance to harness one of the most devastating weapons in the magicians arsenal! Complete, step by step training in the art of culling from Iain Moran - a true master of the move! TRAINING 

01. Cull one Card.
02. Mistakes.
03. Cullin to Specific Locations.
04. Culling from Awkward Positions.
05. Culling Multiple Cards.
06. Mistakes - Part 2.
07. Controlling via Culling.
08. Forcing via Culling.
09. Setting Up via Culling.
10. Culling 2 Cards Next to Each Other.
11. Switching via Culling.
12. Culling as an Out.
13. Culling Face Down Cards.

01. Aces on High.
02. Dream Card.
03. Funny Business.
04. Quantum Sandwich.
05. Ace Orgy.
06. Concrete Sandwich.


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