CLAPPER CARD (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Sonny Boom – Trick



From the creator of The Crash Joker 2.0 and Volte-Face comes another piece of magic from Sonny Boom. An incredible piece of visual magic, perfect for your social media needs!

Show a card on both sides, and extend 2 fingers in front of the face. Open the fingers to see the card and close them again. When you reopen then, the section between the fingers disappears! A complete eerie situation!You can show that piece is really missing and even look through it!

Close the fingers again, open them, and the card is intact again!You can then show the card pretty close to the camera and no slits can be seen.

Clapper Card is an amazing piece of mechanical card. It will take a few minutes to master, but after that, it can be shown to your online audiences.

It can also be performed in situations where the audience is in front, like close-up shows or even parlor. Even on stage with a camera, a big screen and some music, Clapper Card can provide you strong impact. It's like a live CGI moment!

Key points:

  • Ultra visual
  • Takes some time to manipulate, but everything is explained in the tutorial
  • Available in Red Bicycle
  • Instant reset
  • Perfect for Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


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