Not just another magic shop…

Not just another magic shop…

Bigblindmedia Presents Blind Faith (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Stephen Tucker – The Workers Monte – Trick


Bigblindmedia presents Stephen Tucker’s BLIND FAITH – The Workers Monte (BBM328)

Stephen Tucker’s brilliant BLIND FAITH is truly the workers Monte routine – in-the-hands, visual, easy to do and ends with a KICKER!

Like all Monte’s your spectators (try as they might) just CAN’T find the odd card out. However Stephen’s brilliantly constructed routine ends with a shocking kicker AND leaves you 100% squeaky clean.

BLIND FAITH uses just the four provided cards, so it slips into a pocket or your wallet and is always ready to go. It’s super easy to do (only basic moves) and builds to a shocking climax.

  • Easy handling, ends clean, visual, practical
  • Uses just four cards – a pocket sized miracle
  • Comes with the special cards in Bicycle stock in a protective carrying wallet

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