Bubble to Candy by 7 MAGIC – Trick



Transform a floating soap bubble into a lollipop! It's literally a double transformation eye-candy trick for kids.

And it's delightfully easy and fun to do. You explain, "Here's how magicians make lollipops." Then you blow a soap bubble using the familiar circular ring and bottle of liquid soap. Next you catch one of the bubbles, turning it into a small crystal ball. You attach the ball to a stick, wave it in the air (or wave a silk over it) and the clear lollipop changes into a real lollipop complete with a wrapper!

You can give the lollipop away or toss it into a change bag and make it multiply. Now there are enough lollipops for every kid at the party!

When you order Wonder Pop, you get:

  • A gimmicked soap bubble bottle
  • A small crystal ball
  • A silk

Provide your own Tootsie Roll Pop or any spherical-shaped lollipop


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