All is Foreseen (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Arthur Kurzweil – Trick



Although this is based on a classic three-way-out effect, the props and presentation elevate it to a routine that is meaningful and thought-provoking. If you are looking to add meaning to your magic this might be the best way to start.

The routine is based around the premise of whether we have free will or everything in life has been foreseen.

You begin with a quote from an ancient book which theorizes that "Everything is foreseen, yet free will is given." You then show a picture of a scale which will be used as a pointer when the spectator weighs their choices.

Three cards are then introduced bearing the words Chance, Choice, and Fate. Your friend is asked to move the scale to the one word that is most meaningful for them... or of how their lives have unraveled so far. Was it their choice, was it just a matter of chance, or was it fate.

They of course have a free choice, and you will show that their choice was predicted... was foreseen... So, did they really have a choice in what they chose?

Comes complete with the five custom printed cards and access to an online video tutorial. Self-working. Manufactured by Meir Yedid Magic.

"This is marvelous. It gets into the the meanings and thoughts of the witness' mind. Its ease of method can be built up in assorted ways, but at its core, anyone can do it, and the tale that comes with it is a powerhouse."
- Marc Salem


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